A pair of Disney branded cups and saucers . One Jack Skellington and one Sally. The pouches are hand made to order and the images will give you an idea of how they will look, but each pouch will be different in terms of colour scheme etc. The stitching on the Sally pouch echoes the haphazard style of stitching that the cup and saucer display, this is real stitching, but done in such way as to suggest a patchwork pattern. It is in fact a painting technique.

Please be aware that the cups are held firmly in place using my exclusive closure method no one else makes their closure with a strap and a spoon (See last photo for example).

sadly, this is the last ever set I will be able to offer as they don't seem to bae making them any longer. So, once this set is gone, they are gone forever!

Nightmare before Christmas teacup and saucer set in hand made leather belt pouch