This cuff is made from hand dyed and hand finished 2.5mm top grain veg-tan leather so it looks substantial without being overly cumbersome and heavy on your wrist. I honestly forget that I am wearing mine until I receive compliments for it. All edges have been finished, so it is unlikely to rub. It is slightly thinner than the Rostov cuff that I make, so if your wrist is slightly more slender, this will look absolutely fabulous.

Such a simple closure style. The strap loops back upon itself through the solid brass bow shackle to an underslung Sam Browne stud making it slim on the wrist, but very sturdy. This is one accessory that when you put it on IT STAYS ON! (until you take it off that is...).

The cuffs stated will fit most wrists, just measure around the wrist bone area and order one that is the closest size. If none of the sizes mentioned will fit you, just measure your wrist and I will make one just for you. 

Lord Loverduc is one half of the famous Music hall act 'The Cogkneys'

Being a toff and all that, he didn't want one of the other cuffs that I make and so a new and excitingly suggestive cuff was designed in his honour. Luckily, he didn't insist on exclusivity for the design, so (obviously with his blessing) I have made a few more for sale. I also made him pose for photos with his namesake cuff which you can see above. ;)

The loverduc