Fabulous handmade leather cuff/bracelet with solid brass fittings. There are 2 variants of the Patton industrial cuff. One is lined and the other isn't.

This is a sturdy piece of wrist furniture that looks fabulous worn. With the brass bolt and closed end caps, it has an industrial feel to it. 

It is made from hand dyed and hand finished 2.5mm top grain veg-tan leather with brass fittings so it looks substantial without being overly cumbersome and heavy on your wrist. I forget that I am wearing mine until I receive compliments for it. All edges have been finished, so it is unlikely to rub. 

Such a simple closure style. The strap loops back upon itself through the yoke and bolt to a Sam Browne stud.

A little history on the cuff, it is called the Patton industrial protective cuff as I normally name the pieces that I make after the first person that buys them (or at least give them the option of coming up with a name for them). This cuff has already been named (the original name was merely 'the industrial').

The Patton Industrial safety cuff