It doesn't have to be a wand holster that you use this for... a penny whistle, a porridge stirrer, a fid, whatever. 

These holsters will fit on the belt or on a bag strap and keep your long thin thing of choice safe and sound.


They are available in 'house' colours as well as black and a number of other shades. They are fully adjustable with the full length corset style lacing so will be able to accommodate your particular favourite.

The holsters are made from hand dyed and hand finished 1.8mm top grain veg-tan leather with all brass fittings so it looks elegant without being flimsy and provides protection for your precious whilst on your belt. I honestly forget that I am wearing mine until I receive compliments for it.

I can add a single letter to denote your house if you would like or just your initial. This is by no means compulsory though. PLease add your required letter in the field when purchasing

Wand Holster

  • This product will naturally mellow with age. If you need to clean it, a mild detergent and warm water should be sufficient. Or use a specialist saddle soap for heavy pitting. Once dry, buff with a soft lint free cloth for a sustained, protective, deep shine