My wife calls them dirty bangles. I call them incredibly well made and stylish restraints of a style not seen before on this or any other shore!


Yes, they are sturdy, but there is a real touch of distinction about this set of cuffs. Made in the same style as my Lord Loverduc style cuff but with the addition of a brass welded D ring and a complimentary 4” double ended trigger clip with all brass fittings. 

high quality 2.7mm thick vegtan leather. This particular set has been hand dyed in a forest green colour and hand finished, I can also supply them in different colours. The cuffs are very comfortable to wear for extended periods. I can however make them with a hand stitched soft kid suede lining too for that added dash of luxury.  If you want a slight steampunk twist to your play then this is the set for you. A simple and classic design that is built to last. 

The cuffs will fit wrists from 6" to 8.5" although I can make to your specifications please let me know in the requirements field of your purchase.

This set has been designed for aesthetics as well as functionality. There are limits to the play that this set will tolerate however. It is not designed for heavy and sustained bondage or full suspension. Please use this set responsibly and with consideration for the welfare of the recipient. Used correctly, they should give you years of service as you would expect from anything from Broadarrow Jack Leather studio.

Wrist Restraints

  • This product will naturally mellow with age. If you need to clean it, a mild detergent and warm water should be sufficient. Or use a specialist saddle soap for heavy pitting. Once dry, buff with a soft lint free cloth for a sustained, protective, deep shine